Barbara Vaughn

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In 1995, our creative director developed a logo, identity system and direct mail program for Barbara Vaughn’s fledgling portrait photography business. When Vaughn’s path eventually shifted to an emerging career in fine art photography, FUSELOFT developed a website to reposition her professional identity for the fine art market and represent her new portfolio of work, which in color, abstraction and scale was a radical departure from her previous body of work. Building on a wave of developments that included growing recognition and gallery representation, our integrated program of targeted email marketing campaigns and social media marketing tied in press features, blog coverage, and industry showcases to drive traffic to the new website and further elevate awareness, perception, and buzz.

The Challenge

The challenges were how to reposition the brand identity in a way that was clear, bold and innovative to reflect the new portfolio of work as well as provide flexibility and autonomy in the back-end interface for the client to make independent content management updates.

The Solution

We presented the new fine art brand identity and portfolio by putting the photography front and center on the website. The featured portfolio directory on the landing page is a bold framework of horizontal window portals that emphasize the distinctive qualities of color, abstraction, and scale. Within each portfolio series, the user is treated to large-format images and a clear user interface for viewing the slide show or a masonry grid overview. While the integrated WordPress dashboard easily allows for independent content updates, we customized the interface to enable the client to add and change the order of the featured portfolios.

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